Principal’s Message

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and think critically. Intelligence plus character that is the goal of true education.

-Martin Luther King jr.

The world of 21st century is changing at an accelerated scale. It is a challenge for educators to cope with the changing world order and prepare their students for the future. It is important to inculcate creativity, critical thinking, innovation, communication skills and divergent thinking along with proper values of life for its students. As well said by Sydney J. Harris – The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. I strongly feel that education is a blend of academic excellence and creativity and as the principal of the school my motto is to encourage and empower students to grow as a strong reflective and humble individuals with deserving minds, prepared to make a mark in all spheres of life. Along with the association of the experienced educators we will work to maintain the legacy of the school by building strong relationship with parents, students and community partners. We believe that for the holistic development of a child involvement of parents is extremely important. We educate our children to change the world through peace, empathy and fraternity and place great emphasis on inner values. We understand that parent body is an integral part of the institution that has always supported all the initiatives of STPS. My endeavour will always be to strengthen this harmonious partnership between students, teachers and parents. We are confident that with renewed faith and vigour the students of our school will scale great heights and keep the STPS flag flying high wherever they tread. Wishing all STPS students a happy and successful journey of learning!

Mrs. Mary Sabu MA B.Ed. PGDSAS

( Principal)